Noah's Bird Nest
Open Mon-Sat 10-5

Located in Murdock Medical Park
1675 Tamiami  Trail #5
Port Charlotte, Florida 33948 

Phone: 941-979-8295

E​​​​verything your bird wants and needs - 

Only the best food, toys and always loving care.

Enjoy the personal service you, and your bird deserve.


Grooming by Appointment

Keeping your parrot well groomed on a regular basis is very important.  We use minimal restraint and do not rush.  We want your bird to learn that we are friends and won't hurt them.  We've had very good results helping fearful birds accept grooming.
  •  Keeping talons a safe length prevents injury to your bird.
  •  Removing sharp tips prevents injury to you.
  • Trimming wings is a personal decision.  We can help you determine if your lifestyle and your bird's behaviors are better served with a clip or not. We do not judge your decision.
  • Baths are crucial to feather and skin health and help with molting and controlling feather dust.
  • Beaks are hard working tools.  Some are perfect and others have slight to severe malocclusion.  Part of our grooming process is examining beaks for misalignment, overgrowth, and overall health. From a simple polish to a trim or detailed maintenance, we can do that!

​Beak, Nails, Wings & Bath Included
$11.00 Small (e.g. Parakeet, Cockatiel, Small Conures, Senegal, Meyers)
$16.50 Medium (e.g. Goffins, Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Small Macaw Species)
$22.00 Large (e.g. Macaw, Cockatoo)
***Sizes are solely by our determination***

Grooming a Macaw

Lolita Beak Trim



Boarding By Reservation

B​oarding is never boring at Noah's! Our typical schedule -

  • Music!  Alexa controls Echo Dots in each boarding room.  Rock-n-roll to burn off some energy.
  • Our day begins with removing food and water bowls to soak.
  • This is followed by a thorough cleaning of cages and paper change.
  • Sanitized bowls are returned with fresh food and water.
  • During this process we interact with each bird, observe for any unusual behaviors, and examine toys for any dangers, 

​Early Afternoon:
  • Remove fresh food from bowls, clean and add dry food and refresh water bowls.
  • Movie time!  Every boarding room has a flat panel TV with DVR.  Programs include Rio I and II, Yellow Bird, Tom&Jerry, Jane and the Dragon, Annie, Scooby Doo and other kid friendly entertainment.

        African Grey Room - watching "Rio"

​Late Afternoon:
  • Snack time.  Bird cookies, birdy bread, fruit, nuts , air popped corn - we change it up daily.
  • ​Relaxing music - meditation, classical guitar, smooth jaz.  Winding down for the evening.

  • ​Lullabys
  • Check food bowls, wash water dishes add fresh
  • Pull window shades down
  • Say goodnight as we cover cages, turn off light, close door (without covers they will talk to each other all night and be very sleep-deprived/cranky in the morning)​​

We provide cage, sheets to cover cage, bowls and wooden perches.  Food (pellet, seed, fresh) is included.  If your bird prefers a food we do not carry you will need to provide it.  We can also handle medications.

Boarding Fees are per day, per cage (multiple birds in one cage are considered a single cage).  
$12.00 Small (e.g. Parakeet, Cockatiel, Small Conures, Senegal, Meyers)
$17.00 Medium (e.g. Goffins, Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Small Macaw Species)
$24.00 Large (e.g. Macaw, Cockatoo)

You are required to bring bird in carrier, soft perches, favorite toys, and medications. If you DO NOT bring toys, you will need to purchase a minimum of two.  We will not allow boredom!

***We determine appropriate cage size***